Monday, August 23, 2010

very cute baby bookshelf

This adorable bookshelf looks perfect for holding Simply Small board books by Paola Opal, no?
Especially Ollie!

You can find it at DwellStudio Baby.

Friday, August 20, 2010

it's a book

A very cute video by Lane Smith!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bembo's zoo

Ooo la la. What fun!
Created by the graphic designer Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich Bembo's Zoo is an animated version of his picture book, "Bembo's Zoo: An Animal ABC Boo", in which letters form stylish animals. The animated, interactive site is amazing. Go to the page here and hover over the letters. Then click on one to see what happens! It's impossible to choose a single favorite letter/animal, but here are a few that I liked:

We love abc books at Simply Read. They are brilliant because they allow a talented illustrator to show off his or her style, or explore an interesting place, or an interesting concept.

Here are a few of ours:
ABC by Julie Morstad

ABC by Matthew Porter

Ryan Heshka's ABC Spookshow

Owls See Clearly at Night (Lii Yiiboo Nayaapiwak lii Swer) by Julie Flett

Runaway Alphabet by Kari-Lynn Winters and illustrated by Ben Frey

And... in the works:

One day it would be nice to do a gallery show of all the Simply Read ABC illustrations!

Friday, August 13, 2010

calling all animals

Just a few days ago the wonderful Betsy Bird at Fuse #8 reviewed our board book, Calling All Animals, by Matthew Porter.
As she says:
"One of the finest little board books the eye ever did see. They may be small. They may be short. They may not be overwhelming you with content. But board books are hard and Matthew Porter consistently gets them right. Something to be said for that."

The full review can be read here.

Calling All Animals is consists of collective animal nouns. In general, collective animal nouns are so interesting!
Here are some included in the book:

Some other awesome collective nouns include:
a charm of hummingbirds
a smack of jellyfish
a mischief of mice
a sneak of weasels
a prickle of hedgehogs
a zeal of zebras

And why not make up more? A good collective noun for babies, I think (depending on their mood), would be a Giggle of Babies!

Also, if you don't follow Betsy Bird's blog, definitely check it out. It is an amazing blog, hosted by the School Library Journal, and she posts pretty much every day!

Monday, August 2, 2010

book cake

This is the best cake ever: a book cake.

Made by Cake Power Kids. As they say: "One of the sweetest things in the world is to make a kid's birthday cake--there is nothing like that look of wonder & happiness as the cake enters the room!"
Same thing goes with books. There is nothing like that look of a kid peacefully, happily reading.