Saturday, July 30, 2011

fairy tale posters

These minimalist-style posters of fairy tales by Christian Jackson are fabulous. More links here.
I think my fave is the Alice in Wonderland.

Chocolate Lily nomination

We just found out that Singing Away the Dark by Caroline Woodward and illustrated by Julie Morstad has been nominated for another fabulous award - the Chocolate Lily Picture Book Award for 2011-2012. The award isn't announced until next Spring.
You can find out more about the award here. And, in fact, in 2010 a Simply Read title, Penguin and the Cupcake, by Ashley Spires, was the winner of the award.
Yay, Simply Read!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

book dress

Another amazing book dress. This one is an illuminated gown made of book pages, milled paper, typewriter parts, linen rope and binders. It's from an exhibit in Montreal called "One: Objects from a New Era". More here.