Tuesday, October 18, 2011

cute to kill

If you are in Vancouver, check out this awesome Halloween animation event featuring the animation work of one of Simply Read's very own illustrators--Sleepless Kao.

Cute to Kill II — Special Halloween Edition

Friday October 28 | 8 – 11 PM | $12/10 | @ VIVO (Main St. × 4th Ave.)

Cute to Kill 2 is an expose of recent video works from local, national, and international animators and video artists. Each short film explores the artists’ morbid fascination with dark subject matter through the guise of “cute” (a prevalent juxtaposition in contemporary Asian pop culture). In their first co-production, Yuriko Iga (of Blim) and Asa Mori bring together a wide range of adorably despondent short films to be viewed as a collection for this one night only.

Featuring local, national, and international Japanese artists:
Yuriko Iga / Kaori Kasai / Mirai Mizue / Asa Mori / Kei Oyama / Sachiyo Takahashi / Yuki Takahashi / Atsushi Wada

With special print exhibit, live performance, animations, and limited edition t-shirt.

Advance tix available at Blim for $10/12 at the door.
Seniors, PSF members, and Halloween costumed: $10 at the door.

Call 604 872 8180 or info@blim.ca for information.

For more, check out here.